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Here’s how it works…

We E-mail, fax, or mail you new listings (complete with prices, addresses and descriptions) of ALL MLS properties that match your home buying criteria.

We have developed the most effective way to deliver the properties you want to see. Try using our exclusive System. This is not the same system that is offered by other Realtors in Ottawa. We have developed an exclusive system that will deliver you the results that you want, along with specific, relevant, and important information about the Real Estate process. This is a made in Ottawa system, unlike most programs currently offered. Sign up today and see what a Great Agent can do for you!

Now offering alerts by email, text message, SMS, and coming soon Facebook. This will allow you to choose which homes you want to view before other buyers even know about them.

You get updates of all new home listings that match your criteria FREE of charge. And you get them first, before most other buyers, which puts you in a better position should you find the home that meets your needs.

Because you’re there first, before most other buyers, we are able to negotiate the lowest possible price for you.

Most importantly your time isn’t wasted looking at homes that don’t interest you.

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