Why use Jody for New Construction?

There are many benefits to using a Realtor® in any time of purchase. While using one for a newly constructed home may not be the first thing on the mind of a purchaser, Jody has plenty of experience in new home construction and will be a great benefit to your new purchase. Find out what Jody can do for you in this process.

* Jody will ensure that you get the best deal. While prices may not be negotiable at a Builder, Jody will evaluate your needs with what each Builder has to offer to make sure the price is right for what you will be getting.
You can rest assured Jody will protect you, much like he did with clients Clarke and Mary Margaret. These clients thought they found their dream home and asked Jody to go to the Sales centre with them to check it out for them. After visiting the sales centre Jody realized they would actually not be getting what they had anticipated and advised against the purchase. Here is what Clarke and Mary Margaret had to say about their experience with Jody.

   ” Jody, Thank you so much for your professional advice at the Mattamy Sales Office yesterday. It served us in holding back from “jumping in” until we got more detailed information related to the are we are interested in… We look forward to working with you in the future.”

* Jody can prepare a Cost Evaluation of Price Per Sq.Ft for all builders that may offer a similar product that suits your needs. You will know what all the builders have to offer and while most use the same trades, pricing should be similar. Let Jody do the research and put your mind at ease.

* Jody can provide you with a market evaluation comparing the property with resale homes. This will help you to evaluate the money you are spending. If the listing price plus cost of upgrades or lot premiums is worth when compared to a resale home that may offer the same amenities.

* Jody will take the time to explain the Tarion New Home Warranty Program to you. He will explain the benefits and process to you. Every new construction home is registered under Tarion. The Warranty Program is put in place to protect the consumers and stays in place for seven years. There are new regulations implemented in July 2008 regarding delayed closings and occupencies that Jody will be able to explain to you. As well, Jody has a program that will send you automatic reminders when it is time for you to send in your yearly reports to Tarion and your Builder.

* Jody can attend your pre-delivery inspection with you. This is an inspection performed, generally a week prior to your closing, to check that all the work has been completed and in a manner you are satisfied with. Jody has extensive knowledge in construction and renovation and uses this knowledge to explained how and why things are built the way they are in your new home. He will use his expert eye to help catch items that need attention, or that you may need further explanation on.