Moving a Business

While moving your business is often a stressful time, it is also a time you can give it a face-lift and use the move to boost advertising. Here are some tips to help make your move both successful and beneficial. The important thing to remember is you can never over plan or plan too far in advance.

Start your planning process as early as possible. Anticipate for worst case scenarios and always have a Plan B.

Most importantly, do not forget about your customers in all the hustle and bustle of the move. Your move may present many challenges but your main goal is to have customers view the undertaking as a seamless transition.

* We don’t realize how often we give out our business address until we are faced with memorizing a new one. To compound matters, it becomes critical to get this information 100% correct before making any plans about announcing a new business location.

* As soon as you know your moving date contact your phone company. Telephones are often a business’ life line. Schedule installation for the new building but also confirm all your new numbers. You want to make sure you start advertising the right number so your life-line doesn’t disappear.
If you have a 1-800 number, make sure there will be minimal disruptions in service. If you are faced with the need to use a new phone company, give them ample notice so they can make the proper arrangements.

* If you have a website, put it to use! Use your website to let customers know that you are moving. It would be wise to include your new address and phone numbers, as well as letting them know when the move is actually going to happen.

* Do not wait to update and forms or stationary until you are in your new location. Revise your business cards, letterhead, envelopes and brochures. This would also be a great time to consider that face-lift. Since you will be incurring the printing expenses anyways, now might be a good time to consider redesigning your printed material. New location, fresh new look.

* Most move announcements stress the where and when aspect. While these are important, use this move to boost your business. Highlight the advantages of your new location for your customers, for example, a bigger space, more convenient location, expanded products, enhanced services or more personnel. Just ensure you let customers know of your move day as even the most well-organized move will cause them some disruptions or glitches.

* When sending out notices to your customers do simply rely on email. Take the time to communicate to all your clientele, even if that means some get both emails and paper mail.

* Do not forget to back up your computer. If you ever back it up, now is the time. Anything can happen while you move your business, losing all your information could be disastrous. Keep a copy of your back up at home in case it gets lost or damaged during the move.