Our Partners


Barry Fortey
Fortey & Arbique
210-1335 Carling Avenue, Ottawa. K1Z 8N8
Phone: 613-725-0303
Norm Fera
Lang Michener LLP
300-50 O’Connor Street, Ottawa. K1P 6L2
Phone: 613-232-7171

Mortgage Brokers:

York Polk
212-1335 Carling Avenue, Ottawa. K1Z N8
Phone: 613-729-1973

Home Inspectors:

Mark Hendley
Hendley Building Consultants
Phone: 613-447-1810
Mark Hodgson
The Full Storey
Phone: 613-324-2832
Mark Bowditch
Accurate Building Inspections

Other People:

Nadia Modesti – Home Stager
Organized Living
Phone: 613-853-2493
Email: organizedliving@sympatico.ca
John Dudek
Rogers Services
Phone: 613-759-8551
Email: john.dudek@rci.rogers.com
Direct Buy
Enjoy the home of your dreams and get wholesale pricing on thousands of brand-name items for your home.
Website: www.directbuycares.com