Hot Water Tank Advisory!

Excerpt from The Star, November 18, 2009

There’s a war being fought to win your water heater rental business and the tactics aren’t always pretty.

New competitors – such as National Home Services, LivClean and MorEnergy – are sending agents to your door to check out your hot water tank.¬† They may leave the impression they’re with your current supplier, but their goal is to get you to switch.

Direct Energy and Reliance Home Comfort, which dominate the water heater rental business, are accusing their new rivals of lying and misrepresentation.

“Knock knock. Who’s there?” say Direct Energy ads now running in newspapers and on the radio.

After giving the answers (“Iva got something important to tell you” and “Noah all the facts about your water heater”), the company says what’s going on is no joke…

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